Our Services

  • Dog Boarding Service

    We offer a safe and clean place for your dog to stay overnight. Our trained staff keeps an eye on your dog throughout the night to make sure they are comfortable. We also pay close attention to dogs that need to be let out in the middle of the night to take care of business. Your dog will never feel alone or anxious because we are always there to keep the company.

  • Dog Kennel

    Each one of our dog kennels is fully stocked for your dog’s daytime and overnight needs. During the day, our kennels are used for feeding and naps. We feed our dogs out of kennels because it allows them to focus on their food and gives them privacy from other dogs. Each kennel has a cot, and soft blankets.

  • Dog Sitter

    We offer more interaction and care than a sitter is able to do in one day. We are also much more affordable than private sitters. Our facility also provides the socialization that dogs need to form healthy habits around other dogs. 

  • Dog Bath Service

    Our Dog bath service is designed to give your dog the best bath experience. We only use dog friendly products. When you come back to pick up your dog, you will love how they look and smell.

  • Dog Park

    Our dog yard is one of a kind. Once your dog has experienced our real grass dog yard, they will never want to stay at any other facility. We know how important it is for dogs to get outside, which is why we place no restrictions on how long your dog stays outside during the day. 

  • Dog Day Care Center

    Our day care option is a great way to let your dog get out all of their energy before you pick them up to go home. If you spend your day at work, drop off your dog with us. We will keep them active and happy every minute they are here with us. 

  • Doggie Day Care +

    We offer both day services and night services in the same facility. This is important because your dog should be used to where they play during the day and sleep at night. When their surroundings remain consistent, they are much less likely to suffer from stress and anxiety. 

  • Dog Walker

    We exercise and interact with your dog all day long. They also receive the added bonus of being around other dogs, a great perk for their mental health. Your dog will receive the exercise they need and more when they stay with us.

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