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About us


Backyard Dog Care and Boarding

Located in North Salt Lake, Backyard Dog Care and Boarding is designed to provide a clean, safe, fun environment for your pet. We strive to create a second home for your dog. Here, they can safely interact and expend their energy while under the qualified care of our trained staff. To achieve a unique and pet approved facility, we provide a spacious indoor space and outdoor play area with real grass. Your dog is free to enjoy this large space at their leisure throughout the day. After a full day of activity, your pet will have their own kennel to comfortably sleep in if they are staying overnight. Each kennel is outfitted with a cot, and blankets. Our entire facility is designed with your dog’s needs in mind. 

Our Facility

Our facility is highly interactive. All of our dogs are allowed to roam free during the day because socializing is just as important for dogs as it is for humans. Our trained staff is always monitoring our animals and constantly interacting with them. Dogs of different breeds and temperaments learn to interact and play with each other under our supervision. Because we allow them to do this, your dog will be eager to come back and spend time with the new friends they have made. This interaction is also how we create the feeling of a second home for your furry loved ones. 


Our Clients

Our job is to make your experience as easy as possible as well. That is why we cater to your needs when it comes to drop off and scheduling times. Whether you have to travel, spend long hours at work, or have other business that keeps you away from home, you can feel confident knowing your pet is not only safe, but having a great time in our facility. We also understand that cost can be a concern for many dog owners. We offer the most affordable prices for our services and promise a better experience for your dog than any other facilities. 

Our Commitment to Cleanliness

When you visit Backyard Dogcare and Boarding, you will see first hand our commitment to providing a clean and spotless facility. We know cleanliness is a crucial element in creating the best experience for our animals. We only use Eco friendly products, so your pets will never come into contact with any harsh chemicals. Our expansive outdoor grass area is constantly monitored by our trained staff to meet the same standards of cleanliness as our inside facility. We know how sensitive a dog is when it comes to smells, that is why we wipe down our kennels daily and deep clean them before a new dog is allowed to use them again. 


Bath Services

Bath services are currently suspended due to Covid-19 until a later date when we can provide this service.

We pamper your furry loved ones by offering a great bath service for an extra fee. This is a wonderful perk for our clients because giving your dog a bath is not always easy. Our facility has the equipment most homes do not have to create the best bathing experience for your dog. Our shampoos and conditioners are specifically designed for dogs and will leave them looking and feeling their best. You can simply schedule a bath visit when you feel your pet needs it. This is also a great way to introduce your dog to our facility. We know after one visit your pet will be eager to return.  

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