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Care And Use Instructions For Your Dog's Fur

Caring for Your Dogs Fur

As a dog owner, it’s your responsibility to keep your dog healthy and happy. For this, you’ll have to feed them high-quality food, provide enough exercise, and take care of your dog’s fur. Dog furs are an indicator of their health. Try to maintain shiny and clean fur by following the below-given doggie care tips.

How to Keep Your Dog’s Fur Shiny and Healthy?

The below-given tips can keep your doggie groomed and healthy.

1. Regular Bathing

It doesn’t mean that you need to bathe your dog every day. When you do this, you will damage your pup’s fur. Daily bathing can remove natural oils from the skin. So, if your dogs spend most time indoor, bathe your pup once in 15 days. For active outdoor pets, you can bathe them twice a week.

Use a proper shampoo for bathing your dog. Moreover, a vet’s recommended shampoo can protect your pup from various health issues and keep your dog’s fur healthy.

2. Avoid Over Bathing

Over-bathing can cause dry skin and irritation. So, unless your dog isn’t dirty, don’t bathe more than once a month. Don’t use a shampoo that is designated for humans. Therefore, it’s crucial to purchase products designed specifically for dogs. Ask your vet or nearby pet store for the best products.

3. Let Your Dog Dry Hair Naturally

Dogs tend to get rid of excess water when they get wet. Still, you need absorbent towels to dry your dog's coat completely. Allow your dog to air dry hairs. Don’t use hair dryers to dry hairs because they can increase their body temperature.

If you still want to use dryers, ensure that you take safety precautions seriously. For example, avoid the head area when using a dryer, the temperature shouldn’t be too hot or cold, and the dryer must be at a safe distance from the dog.

4. Regular Brushing

The brushing requirements vary from breed to breed, but regular brushing prevents fur from tangling. So, find a brush that suits your puppy breed. Some dogs shed a lot. So if your pet is also among them, then purchase a de-shedding brush. It will ensure that your dog’s furs are always groomed.

Regular brushing distributes the natural oils throughout the fur and stimulates the skin. If you want your dog to enjoy the benefits of brushing, choose the right-sized comb and brush for your dog.

5. Grooming Options

You can contact a local pet specialty store, your vet, or private pet groomers for grooming. Reputable groomers are trained, and they understand the needs of your dog breed. You can groom your dog yourself and take your dog to professional groomers occasionally. When you DIY, it allows you to spend time with your dog and strengthen your bonding with your pet.

6. Provide Your Dog Healthy Food and Treats

Building a healthy coat begins from the inside out. A nutritious and healthy diet will keep your pet’s fur healthy and strong. Feed your dog a diet rich in proteins, vitamins, and fatty acids. Therefore, it’s crucial to check the ingredients list when buying food for your pup. Add one teaspoon of your vegetable oil to the dog’s diet to get some extra glow.

When it comes to feeding treats, ensure that you give high-quality treats to your dog. Raw carrots are good for your dog’s teeth and health. So, be careful when choosing food and treats for your dog.

7. Protection Against Parasites

It’s essential to protect your pup from fleas and ticks because these parasites irritate your dog’s skin. As a result, dogs start biting and scratching themselves. It will not only cause damage to your dog’s fur, but it’s also not good for your dog’s overall health. Therefore, it’s crucial to protect your puppy from these parasites.

8. Use Coconut Oil

There are two options for serving coconut oil. You can either add it to their food, or you can give it as a treat. The other option is to use it externally. When you massage your dog’s fur with coconut oil, it will make your pup’s coat healthier and shinier.

9. Oatmeal Bath

Another useful tip for your dog care is to give your dog an oatmeal bath to maintain the coat’s glow. It’s cheap and the best solution. Moreover, it’s an effective solution for those dogs that tend to scratch their bodies due to allergies. An oatmeal bath will ease the itchiness and relax your pup.

10. Use Natural Supplements

Our goal is to do everything to maintain the dog’s fur in good condition so we can use natural supplements to improve the health of our dog’s coat. Each dog breed is different, so consult your vet about the dosage before using any supplement.

11. Consult Your Vet

Excessive scratching is a sign of an allergy. You can use homemade remedies to cure allergies, but the best option is to seek a vet’s help.

Final Words

As mentioned at the start, your dog’s furs are the indicator of your dog’s overall health. So, follow the above-mentioned dog care tips and keep your dog’s fur in good condition. If you still face any problem in maintaining a healthy coat, contact your vet immediately.

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