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Are You Breaking Your Dogs Paws?

Caring for Your Dogs Paws

If you want your dog to live a healthy life, then pay attention to your dog’s paws. Dog’s foot care is just as important as skincare is for humans. Dog’s paws are crucial for their daily activities, and they’re responsible for bearing their body weight. Doggie paws are made up of tendons, bones, connective tissues, skin, and blood vessels. So, here we’ll share some doggy care tips for maintaining healthy dog paws.

How to Care for Your Doggy Paws

Follow the below-given steps to ensure that your doggie has healthy paws:

1. Check Regularly

You need to do this for indoor and outdoor pets but especially check for dogs that spend more time over rough terrain. Some objects like bits of glass, thorns, pebbles, and weeds can get stuck in their paws. Therefore, it’s essential to check your dog's paw, especially if you have active outdoor. Remove debris with the help of tweezers.

2. Clean Regularly

Whenever your dogs come from outside, regularly wash their paws. In winter, ice can get stuck in their paws, so washing will remove ice from paws. If the snow can get stuck in paw pads, take warm water, soak a cloth in it and gently massage to loosen the ice.

3. Prevent Allergies

Another Doggie Daycare tip is to keep your dog's paws clean to prevent allergies. Some dogs are sensitive, and when their paws make contact with grass, they suffer from allergies. Allergies to pollen and trees can result in swollen paws. So, when you regularly clean your dog’s paws, it will prevent them from allergies.

4. Paws Grooming

Like your dog’s skin and fur, paws also need to be groomed. Proper paws grooming prevents injuries and discomfort. Paws grooming will not only ensure good dog health but will help you strengthen your bond with your pup. Perform the below-given grooming activities:

  • Nails Trimming

Long nails can cause injury, so when you notice that your dog nails are touching the ground and producing sounds, you need to trim them. When dogs stand on a flat surface, their nails shouldn’t touch the ground. Remember, this trimming frequency varies from breed to breed and actives of your dog.

  • Trim Hair Between Paw Pads

When the hairs between the paw pads grow, they get matted and become painful. So, ensure that you trim them regularly and keep them to the same height as their paw pads.

  • Moisturize and Massage

When you massage your dog’s paws, they love it and feel better. Moisturized paws are less prone to injury. Gentle massage will improve blood circulation in paws.

5. Prepare Your Doggie Paws for Outdoor

Too much cold or hot weather can be destructive for a dog’s paws. Therefore, it’s essential to add protection to dog paws. Limited exposure and preventive care can keep your pet's paw secure from cracks and blisters.

  • Help Your Dogs Paws Adjust to Outdoor Environment

When your dog spends most time indoors, it will make their paws more prone to injury because they’re not used to rough grounds. So, take them outdoors for short walks. Gradually increase the walk duration to help their paws get used to the outside environment. If your dogs pads are cracking or blistering, consider using dog shoes or hiking boots!

  • Paw Care During Summer

During extreme hot weather conditions, you need to pay special attention to dog paws. The hot ground can cause burns and cracks. During these times, moisturize your dog’s paws and limit outdoor activities. If you’re unsure whether the earth is hot or not, keep your palm on the ground for five seconds. If your hand starts feeling the heat, it means it’s also warm for your pet’s paws.

  • Paw Care During Winter

When the weather is too cold and the air is dry, it will result in cracked paws. Use boots to prevent their paws from rock salt, ice, and other substances. Before using boots, ensure that your pet’s paws are clean. Pets love to lick their paws, so it can be dangerous for their health, especially when you clean their paws with chemicals to loosen snow.

6. First Aid Practice for Paws

The final tip for doggie day care is first aid practice. When you witness cracks in a dog’s paws, you can treat them at home using the right products. Perform the below-given steps for first aid:

  • When your dogs excessively lick their paws, it’s a sign of injury or something that irritates them. Use antimicrobial hydrogel to clean your dog’s paws. It will promote healing and soothe irritation. If the licking and chewing get excessive, immediately take your dog to the vet.

  • When you witness cuts or cracks in dog paws, use a wound care solution to rinse the affected area. Repeat the above process by applying antimicrobial hydrogel to soothe irritation. Bandage the area to prevent further injury to paws.

Final Words

Dog paws are as important as their skin and fur are. Therefore, follow the above-mentioned Doggie Daycare tips and keep your pet's paws healthy. Moreover, make paw care part of daily routine. Avoid taking your dog to places where you don’t want to go barefoot.

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