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15 Amazing Unknown Facts about Dogs

Dogs are faithful companions because they stand with us when we need their support. Indeed dogs provide many benefits, but there are still some unknown facts about dogs that we’re going to discuss here. Here you will find some mind-blowing facts about your four-legged friend. Dogs are true companions, so we need to learn more about them. Keep reading this article to know unknown facts about dogs.

1. Smelling Sense

Do you know dogs have more smelling power than humans? Their smelling ability is 40 times more than humans. They have the ability to smell scents that humans can’t smell. Therefore, nowadays, people use them to sniff drugs and people. Moreover, some dog breeds can help detect explosives and weapons.

2. They Can Diagnose Diseases

Nowadays, people train dogs to sniff medical issues. They’re trained in such a way that they can help their owners know about the medication. Dogs can help diagnose cancer, diabetes, and other medical issues.

3. Jealousy

Like humans, dogs also feel jealousy when you share your love and affection with other animals, especially when you have other pets at home.

4. Breathe Freely while Sniffing

Dogs use their smelling sense to find friends, foods, and potential dangers. They have excellent noses that allow smells to stay in the nose. The air can flow in and out of their lungs. So, they can find out the smell and breathe freely.

5. Dogs Can Understand Their Owners Feelings

As mentioned earlier, dogs have excellent smelling sense. They can smell fear as well. When their owner is fearful, they can easily notice this and help you calm down.

6. Good Swimmers

Remember, all dogs don’t like water, but some dog breeds are good swimmers. Newfoundland dogs love water, so people use them as rescuers.

7. Running Speed

Cheetah has the fastest running speed, but dogs can outclass them when it comes to speed. Greyhound has excellent speed, and they love to run and chase. They can achieve 45 mph speed in no time. Cheetah has almost 70 mph running speed, but when Greyhound comes into action, they can beat cheetah.

8. Health Improvement

Indeed dogs provide many health benefits but do you know petting a dog can improve your mental and physical health? It’s amazing. You just need to do this for 15 minutes. It will help you to lower stress, combat loneliness, and lower blood pressure by up to 10%.

9. Dogs Produce Pheromone Liquid

Dogs don’t sweat much like humans. It doesn’t mean that they don’t sweat at all. Humans sweat watery liquid. In contrast, dogs produce oily substances known as pheromone-laden. Dogs can detect it because of their extraordinary smelling sense, but humans can detect it. Dog’s paws sweat like humans, and they pant to cool it down. Therefore, it’s said that keep your dogs cool, especially during the warmer days.

10. Titanic Incident

Do you know dogs were also present in the titanic ship in 1912? Three dogs were survived in that accident. Two of them were Pomeranians, and one was Pekingese.

11. Dogs Can be Either Right or Left Pawed

Studies have shown that, like humans, dogs also have a preferred hand. If you don’t know whether your dog is left or right-pawed, you can play an interactive game or give them a favorite toy to know which paw they prefer to use.

12. Super Sensitive Hearing

Dogs have more hearing frequencies than humans. Dogs can hear sounds that are much far away. Moreover, they can listen to softer sounds that humans can’t listen. This feature makes them an excellent choice for search and rescue dogs. K9 killer dogs are famous for this ability.

13. 18 Muscles Control Dogs Ears

A dog owner must have noticed that dog’s ears move a lot. 18 muscles control their ears and help them move around. So, they can change their ear's direction to hear the noises around them. More importantly, most dogs express their feeling and needs through their ears. So, they use ears to communicate with other puppies and humans.

14. Intelligence

Dog’s intelligence level is more than two years old human. They can learn more than 100 gestures and words. It’s not easy to train two years old, but you can train your dogs easily. Due to their intelligence, they’re used for various roles.

15. All Dogs Are Born Deaf

It might be surprising for many of you, but you have read it right. When dogs are born, they’re deaf. Around three weeks old they begin to hear for the first time and gradually their hearing continues to improve until they reach full maturity.

Final Words

We hope that you must have enjoyed these unknown facts about dogs. It’s crucial to know facts about your canine friend. When you learn more about your pet, you can establish a better relationship with your dog and enjoy many benefits.

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