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Doggie Day Care and Boarding


You want to give your furry loved one the care and attention they deserve in a fun and safe environment. You also want to know your dog has a place to go when your life gets unexpectedly busy. At Backyard Dog Care and Boarding, caring for your dog is what we do. We have set ourselves apart from other facilities and services by offering your dog an experience they will not get anywhere else. We supply everything your dog will need whether they stay during the day or overnight. Our trained staff is irreplaceable and take the best care of our animals. Their patience and experience is what makes our program so successful. 

We believe it is important to offer daytime and overnight care all in the same place. A part of creating a good experience for your dog is supporting their natural desire for routine. If you cannot be with them, taking them to a safe familiar place will decrease any anxiety they may have when you leave. Our team members also give them constant interaction and attention when they are here. Any reservations your dog may have in the beginning will quickly vanish because they will be kept busy and entertained at all times. 

We also use large, comfortable kennels for naps and feeding during the day. When they choose to use the beds in the kennels, we keep a watchful eye on them and monitor their behavior. They are given blankets and fresh water to keep them comfortable for however long they choose to nap. Once they leave the kennel, our team members go in and clean each crate with Eco friendly products. We keep our kennels pristine for each dog. If your pup is spending the night with us, we will assign them a kennel and monitor it. We use large kennels during the night to keep your dogs safe. Our overnight staff are able to monitor each dog. By assigning kennels for our overnight dogs, you are able to bring in their favorite dog bed or blanket to make them feel more at home. We want to do whatever it takes to make your dog feel like this is their second home. 

Having a reliable dog sitter during the day is a relief for all of our clients. They feel confident knowing they are leaving their dog in the best care. We are constantly involved in everything your dog does so we know they are having a great time. We want them to socialize with other dogs and expend as much energy as possible because these are the two most important things a dog can do. Our staff is passionate about positive reinforcement and promoting healthy play among dogs of all ages and breeds. We know this is key to forming good habits and learning good behavior. 

Our one of a kind outdoor dog yard is many of our dogs’ favorite feature for obvious reasons. Dogs need to get outside just like humans. It is good for their physical and mental health. You will not find another outdoor yard like ours that is attached to a boarding service. It is covered in real grass and is large enough for your dog to run and play. We go the extra mile in taking care of our yard because your dog deserves the best. We want your dog to feel like they are spending the day at the park or their own backyard. All dogs have access to the outdoor yard and indoor part of the facility at all times. We are an off leash facility, which means it is up to your dog where they want to go and when. Our staff does a great job of keeping track of how often our dogs go in and out so we can continue to clean up after them throughout the day.  

Part of our service also includes organized feeding times based on your dogs needs. We feed each dog out of a separate kennel. This allows each dog time to relax and focus on their food. We also do this so we know the eating habits of each dog. And, of course, it is important that dogs do not share food when they have different dietary needs. This is also great for your dog because they learn to expect this as part of their routine. It is highly recommended for you to bring your own food, but we have vet recommended, easily digestible food for purchase should you forget.

We believe caring for your dog’s health includes caring for their hygiene too. Our services include a fully equipped dog bathing area. Our dog bath service is geared toward making your dog feel as safe and comfortable as possible. Our team members are experienced in bathing dogs. All of our products, shampoos and conditioners, are made specifically for dogs. We also supply multiple types of dog brushes because different dogs have different kinds of coats.

We guarantee you will not find a better facility at a better price. Our commitment to your dog and our services are unmatched by any other facility. We have the most flexible schedule available to you because we know that important things always come up at the last minute. We will make sure you never have to neglect your dog because of work or personal business. If you are a new dog owner and need a care center you can trust, or you are looking for a better service, come in and check out our facility. We know once you have seen our set up and met our staff, you will never leave your dog anywhere else. You are welcome to schedule a tour with us, or just stop in to get more information.

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